The Second Season Cover Design


Cue the music…

I am so excited about my cover design! My designer Michelle at Cedar Fort did such an amazing job at capturing the feel of my book, while also paying attention to the details that mattered most to me (exact eye color, amount of green in the background, tagline). It was really wonderful that Michelle allowed me input. In fact, I know it’s rare for publishers to give authors any sort of say into the cover design.

I have really enjoyed the publishing process. It has been so exciting to work with such experienced and talented people. Even with just my subedit completed, I have learned so much and grown as a writer. I know a lot of writers. I have many friends that are champions of grammar and storytelling. But, I have never worked with an experienced editor prior to this year. The experience has been so enjoyable and satisfying! And then to work with Michelle on the design… Wow. To clarify, when I say work with Michelle, I mean that she did basically everything. I only gave my opinion about her designs, and then I would magically see a new version in my inbox a day or two later waiting for my approval.

September seems so far away, but it’s just around the corner!

Stay tuned for more details, possibly even a sample chapter or two.



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