My Valentine: Part 1

Years ago, I sat in a college dorm room, ranting to my roommate about how horrible college boys were. I had just started my second semester of college with a new job (event planning), new classes (chemistry, biology, nutrition), and a new vision… No more dating.

She laughed at my resolution. I laughed at her laughter because I was determined to focus on other things.

I signed up a week and a half late for an Intro to Voice (Singing 101) class for an extra credit to keep my scholarship. It was in a strange building (now demolished) and in a strange part of campus. I had to look at a map to find it. And as I followed my route, I was lead to a deserted alley in the middle of a crowded campus. Walking down the gravel road, I sighed. It was January, and the sun was just dimming. I had been feeling trapped in Provo, trapped with people. I had no car, no place to escape the noise and busyness, and it was suffocating.

And then, there I was in an abandoned alley. I got to the bottom of the hill, and stopped. I was only ten feet away from a deer. I marveled, because a.) I’m a romantic, b.) I was severely missing nature, and c.) It surprised me.

There were footsteps behind me, tennis shoes against the gravel.

“Look, a deer!” I said, turning to meet the gaze of my oncoming companion.

He laughed, clearly amused. “Yep, it’s a deer.”

But he wasn’t laughing at the deer. He was laughing at me. I blushed, feeling embarrassed at my enthusiasm, and met his eyes– his golden brown eyes.

We shuffled around awkwardly.

He glanced at his map– obviously looking for the same building as me. “Intro to Voice in the KMB?”

“Uh, yeah,” I said.

He smiled again. “I think this is it.” He gestured to the building to his right (my left).

I swallowed and nodded, following him. Great start, I thought to myself. Now this guy thinks I’m “nature girl”.


<3 H

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The New Year brings hope. It’s like that curvy refresh button at the top of the screen. It reconnects me, and often I work better afterward. My 2018 word/motto is Rise. I want to rise to the challenges life has in store for me, rise to my goals, rise to greater strength and kindness, rise to a better version of myself.

My 2018 writerly goals:

  1. Title and edit my new book that comes out this December (Eek! Surprise!). For now, I’ve been calling it Finding Elle, but I think that will change. It’s historical fiction, inspired by my favorite place in the world. It’s coming of age, with a touch of romance.
  2. Write something new. My goal is to complete a draft of something new– something that stretches me. Perhaps a time period that requires more research, or one of the stories in my head that is a different genre… something different to better my writing and efforts.
  3. Attend Storymakers Conference. This is my new annual party– a party with my sister and writer friends, a party learning my craft from the best, and a chance to reconnect with the potential of the stories in my head.
  4. Support other writers. I hope to do more this year– review, critique, promotion– with the intent of helping others. I’m hoping to do a series of interviews on my blog with other authors.
  5. Blog. I have many blog ideas, but I get timid. It’s vulnerable to share, at least for an introvert like myself.
  6. Read more, at least a book/month.


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