Stories: the reason we travel

Sometimes I get stuck, looking through all my Europe pictures. Mark says I need to move on. But…The days were full of stories, entertainingly silly and serious ones.

We met amazing people… and strange people. I made friends I keep in contact with via social media. I was mistaken as a home wrecker (ahhh), an 18-yr old American that went to London to drink (because we were stranded in London at 1am, but hey….18?!), and a local Parisian more times than I can count (I played along until my non-french speaking abilities became way too obvious). I bonded with Pat (the best tour guide, also about 80 yrs old), was serenaded by a bus driver (because we shared chocolate), made a dear friend in Jess Harnell (see you in a few weeks, buddy!), and saw the most incredible sights! We learned how to mime when we couldn’t communicate, and I learned that kindness is universal (as is grumpiness…).

There were also the not so great things… blisters galore, scary uber drivers that said they wanted to keep me forever (and kind of did keep us hostage in the car for forever…), long bus rides with my traveling buddy after she ate ice cream (bahhhhhahah, dooooozy if you know what happens to lactose intolerant people), missing my family, getting lost in London (multiple times), and in my friend’s case, getting trapped in an elevator…

but even the not great things ended up as GREAT STORIES.

One time, on an overnight flight to Ireland, I met a friend named Colum. He grew up in Ireland and told me all about the land and his wife and his kids and where he lived in the states, and we got on marvelously. I was in heaven listening to him speak with his Irish accent.

Meanwhile, my friend was sitting in the row behind me. A while later, I fell asleep (naturally, that’s what you do on these flights). I guess dinner arrived. And so, Colum turned around and WOKE UP Amanda Conley and said “Should I wake Heather up for dinner?”


Amanda, as you can imagine, was super bugged. She whopped me on the head, which made me jump, and said, “Hey, wake up for dinner.”

I die every time I think of this, especially, because I can see Amanda’s ticked expression… fluttery eyelashes and all.

Oh, Colum. So considerate.

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