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Book trailers. Let’s talk about them. Some people believe a book trailer violates everything a novel pushes reader to do: imagine. Others say that unless you have a large budget, you should never attempt them in fear the book trailer will seem amateur, or even worse, cheesy.

But getting the word out about my first book is difficult. Even relying on eventual reviews and word of mouth isn’t reliable. How do I help people to see what my book offers? The synopsis on the back cover certainly isn’t going to convey the feeling of my book, at least not fully. This realization was what first attracted me to the idea of a book trailer.

Then came the hard part, trying to think of a creative way to make an artistic trailer that is also affordable (meaning basically a $0 budget since a book trailer come second to my family of six’s meals and clothing needs). This is when I started brainstorming every idea I could think of. I wrote down the names of any of my artistic friends that might be willing to help me. I contemplated contacting a university’s drama department. I considered a slideshow. I even tried to brush up on my English accent (if you have read my previous post, you know all about that). I asked anybody that could do good voices/accents if they would be willing to help out in some way. I wrote a few different scripts. To be honest, I didn’t have a clear view of what I wanted during the brainstorming phase, but I needed a starting point. Then, piece by piece, things began to come together.

My friend Kevin, who lives in L.A., agreed to help the moment I approached him. He even said the awesome phrase, “This is why you have a friend in Hollywood.” He set up a day for some of his acting friends to record voiceovers. The results were incredible, and I am thankful for these actors that were so kind to help Kevin’s high school friend.

Next, I knew I could count on my brother Matt for the music. He is a musical genius (if he wasn’t a busy husband and father of four, eye doctor, and Major in the Air Force, I am pretty sure he would be a famous composer by now). I gave Matt very specific ideas on how I wanted the music, and he recorded a song (with sound effects) that far surpassed my expectations.  It was about this time, that I started to feel really excited.

All that was left was the visual. My friend Amanda (who is one of the most artistic people I know) agreed to do the videography. She took my vague descriptions (like “light through the trees” or “English countryside”), and captured some beautiful scenes. Once again, the talent surpassed my expectations!

The end result? A book trailer that I feel adequately captures the feel of my book.

I am so grateful for talented friends, but I am even more grateful for kind friends, willing to help at a moment’s notice.



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