Lucky 33

Lucky 33. oh boy….

This year 

I choose to burn my good candles

On a Tuesday at noon

Just because

I choose to use the expensive lotion

The one I keep tucked safe up on the counter

Not ration any of my most cherished belongings

Because I am worth investing in—right now

This year

I choose to wear that thing

You know

The one I told myself I would slip on

When I looked a certain way?

I choose to love my body

This vessel I have been given 

And her seasons as they shift

This year

I give myself permission to change

And keep changing

For I understand

There is an underlying truth when it comes

To becoming—it doesn’t have to mirror anyone else

This year

I choose to let go

Really let go

Of the heavy

Of the half-hearted

No more forcing connection

Where it no longer lives

I choose to nourish

What’s willing to grow

This year 

I choose to be grateful

For the teachings of my yesterday

I honor my wholeness

When I honor my whole story—even the shaky parts

This year

I choose to step forward

Clear eyes

Heart open

Two feet grounded

Palms wide

To the all-is-possible


And new

DANIELLE DOBY, I am her Tribe

I’m not a superstitious person by nature. I don’t mind stepping on cracks, opening umbrellas indoors, or watching a black cat cross the road.

But a lucky number? I always have loved 3. In fact, the more 3’s you add, the luckier it becomes to me. So, turning 33 has been so FUN! I am thrilled to live a year in the 3’s. 

The other day, a mysterious package arrived on my doorstep, a package with a book, I Am Her Tribe

I flipped through the first pages, and emotion caught in my throat. Immediately, I knew who had sent the package. Only one person understands my fascination with words and meanings and the magic of growing and becoming. Only one person understands who I get lost in language about the feminine or connecting with earth or a higher power in connection with our earthly existence.

Thanks, Carrie. This book has become my food lately; I’m devouring it. The fact you found this and KNEW I would love it shows how well you know me and that you love me. And, I love you right back!

Words can hold magic—just look at a few of these AMAZING words by Danielle Doby:

I could have made visuals for every single page of her book. Guys, I loved it.

Year 33– I’ve got big plans for you. I will not stop trying, changing, and finding my way through motherhood, marriage, writing, and my many, many other goals. So here’s to new places and faces, to new growth. 33, I’ve decided to make you the luckiest year YET.

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