Making Room

Recently I watched The Minimalists on Netflix. It was so fascinating to see people that have transformed their lives by living a life free of the crippling debt and the constant stress of things. It inspired me. I am, by no means, planning on selling all of our family’s belongings and moving into a 500 sq. ft. tiny house. I am, however, seriously considering how to make my life more simple by getting rid of stuff. How much time do I spend cleaning all my space? Why do I need 10 mixing bowls in the kitchen? Do I really watch all the DVDs in our cabinet? Do my kids really need as many clothes (after all, they just make for more laundry)? Do I need as many clothes? Could someone else use them more? What about the winter hats and stretchy gloves, or the mounting pile of towels in my linen closet? And what about all the books I have lying around? I don’t even have enough shelf space for them all!

We can do better. I can do better. I like the idea of someday building a smaller house that still accommodates our lifestyle. A 4000 sq. ft. home just seems so…unnecessary. There is wasted space in our house. Things just accumulate. It seems that if you buy a large home, you will find enough junk to fill it. Add to that the many, many weird things my kids bring home from school and parties. Why do people pass out plastic spinning tops and fake jewelry that breaks after 5 minutes? And, why, oh why, do my kids hoard the broken pieces, spinning tops, kid meal toys, little bubble containers, pencils, and everything else you might find in a party favor bag? You could say I have cabin fever, and you might be right. We have had record amounts of snow this year. Feet outside our front door.

But I am so ready to go through our whole house and make room. Room to breathe. Room for less. Room for my ideas and projects. And, most importantly, more room for those I care about.

I am ready to deal with all the things that are holding me back. I’m not just talking about stuff here. I am so ready to go through my mental junk also. I read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert this last week. Wow. Talk about inspiring. I had so many “aha” moments. Creativity is such a part of me, and I want to be able to make more room for it. I want to teach my kids to follow their curiosity and find their own creativity.

You’re probably wondering why I am even sharing all this. And here it is– I feel excited to clean out my house and habits, and I am hopeful that in the process, I will make more room for creativity and the people I love most.

What is holding you back from creating the relationships and life you want? Perhaps this question can help each of us to identify the clutter surrounding us, be it mental or physical, so that we can deal with it accordingly and live a more intentional life.

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