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“With characters calling to mind the March girls and society adventures worthy of Frances Burney, this is a genuine and thoughtful treatment of young love and its reasons.” -Kaki Olsen, author of Swan and Shadow: A Swan Lake Story

“A sweet romance that will keep you reading. You’ll be rooting for the headstrong heroine from beginning to end.” -Tracy Winegar, author of Good Ground and The Counterfeit Series

“In The Second Season, Heather Chapman has written a charming story interwoven with the romances of not one or two, but three couples. Each of the females in this trio face complicated challenges as they seek to find the one man with whom they can truly be happy. Visiting London for the 1817 winter season, Caroline Hopkins, her sister Lucy, and their mother Lady Eleanor encounter not only the social foibles and mannerisms of the upper crust, but intrigue, betrayal, rejection, and even a kidnapping. The author is able to tie these competing narratives into a neat bow as one by one, these women come to recognize the true hearts of the men they learn to love.” – Melanie Sturgeon, Ph.D., History
“A fun debut with characters that will capture your heart.” -Tara Mayoros, author of Broken Smiles, Eight Birds for Christmas, and The Christmas Bike
“A delightful read and charmingly told, I found myself lost in this regency-era love story. It was hard to put down and left me guessing up until its last pages!” -Lindsay B. Ferguson, author of By the Stars
“The Second Season is a sweet, lighthearted Regency-set romance that gives you more than one happy ending to root for!” -Dantzel Cherry, author of Miss Darcy’s First Intergalactic Ballet Class and The Price of Love
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