The New Year brings hope. It’s like that curvy refresh button at the top of the screen. It reconnects me, and often I work better afterward. My 2018 word/motto is Rise. I want to rise to the challenges life has in store for me, rise to my goals, rise to greater strength and kindness, rise to a better version of myself.

My 2018 writerly goals:

  1. Title and edit my new book that comes out this December (Eek! Surprise!). For now, I’ve been calling it Finding Elle, but I think that will change. It’s historical fiction, inspired by my favorite place in the world. It’s coming of age, with a touch of romance.
  2. Write something new. My goal is to complete a draft of something new– something that stretches me. Perhaps a time period that requires more research, or one of the stories in my head that is a different genre… something different to better my writing and efforts.
  3. Attend Storymakers Conference. This is my new annual party– a party with my sister and writer friends, a party learning my craft from the best, and a chance to reconnect with the potential of the stories in my head.
  4. Support other writers. I hope to do more this year– review, critique, promotion– with the intent of helping others. I’m hoping to do a series of interviews on my blog with other authors.
  5. Blog. I have many blog ideas, but I get timid. It’s vulnerable to share, at least for an introvert like myself.
  6. Read more, at least a book/month.


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